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Motorpacing is a structured workout where the cyclist drafts off of a scooter at paces much higher than he or she could attain without the benefit of a sizable peloton.

WHY? There are differences in neuro-recruitment between a motorpaced and a non paced workout. For the same workout, motorpacing will provide a different but essential training stimulus. This training stimulus much more closely matches the demands of a race day. From a motivational standpoint, motorpacing forces an athlete to "chase the carrot," forcing him to ride at the appropriate power output and not "cop out." This is essential for certain key workouts that are high in difficulty (long tempo rides, etc.).

Last but not least, it's darn good fun to ride your bike fast and hard. Motorpacing breaks up the training monotony and refreshes your desire to go hard when it's most essential.

Our coaches have developed a great collection of workouts from interval based sessions, to time trial/break away efforts, and even criterium style accelerations and attacks. They will work with you to create an ideal session based on the demands of your chosen events, and the stage of your preparation. If you use a power meter, our coaches will take advantage of that info by incorporating a Garmin head unit mounted on the dash to ensure precision in your workout.

Pricing will vary from $20-$60 based upon session length, complexity and season. Call us to schedule your session, 702-860-4638.